Our Services

Services offered by Promagon Software

Promagon offers services at reasonable hourly rates or fixed cost pricing for large projects or web site maintainance agreements.

Desktop Development

Desktop Development

For Windows desktop applications, including those that make use of Web Services, we specialize in using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

We also offer cross platform (Windows, OSX and Linux) software written in C++ with the Qt Framework from Nokia.

Web Development

Web Development

We specialize in web development using modern MVC frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails. We also have strong experience using ASP.NET and PHP

Our sites look modern and Web 2.0, making efficient use of AJAX and Javascript (utilizing jQuery).


Web hosting and app monitoring

Let the professionals set up your hosting enviornment and monitor it for problems. Promagon's System Administrators will monitor your app and provide you with detailed usage information for a nominal fee.