• Promagon Software

    Promagon Software offers software development and consulting services to small businesses.

    We offer web and desktop application development services for a variety of technologies.

    Promagon Software is located in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. We have both local clients and remote.


    Promagon Software
  • Programmers that understand business

    alt + alt = alt

    Our programmers get it. The right software can help any business. Let's figure out together what you need to improve your business process.

    Programmers for hire

    Software Development
  • Consulting Services

    Are you taking advantage of all that the web has to offer?

    Is there a process in your business that you would like to automate?

    Contact Promagon and let us see how we can help you.


    Consulting Services

Impress Your Customers

We know how to please


We know what customers want and expect from the web. Let us please your customers

Browser Compatibility

100% compatibility with all major browsers


Our web projects utilize modern design and technology but this does not cause us to forget older or less common browsers.

Technology and Tools

We use only the best


The technology and tools we use are top notch. This allows us to get your projects done faster and more efficiently.